The name "Blaser", comes from Gilles Benois's art blog.

These monsters dwell in the lava, if they see someone, they'll jump out and attack anyone on impulse. They assault their enemies by shooting a blue flame. Attacking them momentarily knocks them out, and they can be used as platforms to get across to other plateau's and islands. These creatures are only knocked unconscious for a short amount of time, the player must jump off them before it wakes up.


These animals are a dark gray-black color, with a slight glow of blue and, an orange glow from the back of their heads, (Most likely where their ability to shoot fire comes from). They are very slender, and have leaf like fins for arms, legs and their back.

Attacks & AbilitiesEdit

  • Blue Flame - When she is in it's radius, the Blaser shoots a burst of blue flame towards Kya.
  • Resistant to Lava.


Boomy - If Kya uses her Boomy, she can attack them to knock them out.

Note: Attacking these creatures does not kill them, but causes them to get knocked out and turn over. luckily, laying on their backs makes for a great platform to jump across; as a floating island to walk over the lava.


Kya can choose to walk away from them, and eventually they will slink back into the lava. However, these beings are fundamental to proceeding in the game, so escaping from them, should only be a temporary solution when in danger.


These creatures only appear in the Forgotten Island.

See AlsoEdit

Blasers have similar traits and abilities with other fire based creatures.

  • Dragon - Blasers and Dragons both burrow into the ground, to hide from enemies until they are near. The only difference is, Dragons hide in the earth, and Blasers hide in lava.
  • Liner - Blasers share a similar hard shell appearance with Liners.