Aliases The Bird, Stupid Bird (By the creators)
Gender Presumably Male
Species Bird
Role Comic Relief
Status Alive
Origin Nativ City
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations The Nativs
Allies Atea, Kya, Frank, Aton, Area, Akasa, Stuff
Enemies Aton, Brazul, Wolfen / Wolfun
Weapons N/A
Abilities Flight
English Voice Actor Unknown see Production Credits

Hey Kya, do you need a bird? I'm cute! I'm Fuzzy! I'm low-maintenence!................ I'm house-broken!
— Bird

Atea's bird has no name but is often referred to by Atea as "The Bird" or "Bird".


Color: In the game, Bird is a green-blue. In character art, he is a gray-blue.

Body: Bird is very round and poofy, he has a long orange beak, a long feather on his head and tail.


Bird is very light hearted and funny; he expresses his opinions, even if they're negative. He will sometimes help others, but mostly looks out for himself.


Bird is a comic relief character, he always has something to say, and cracks many one liners. He sits on top of Atea's staff, and never leaves Atea's side, even when Atea is in danger. Bird is very pessimistic towards Kya, by being rude and making wise cracks. He puts himself before others, in one case Atea and Bird get captured, Bird willingly asks to go with Kya and leave Atea behind.


The Bird always makes wise cracks about Kya, the situation and other characters around him. For example when Kya says she will save her brother Frank, defeat Brazul and all the Wolfen, the bird says "You'll be sorry you ever came here!"; which results in Atea whacking his staff around to shut the bird up from the rude remark. Upon rescuing Atea and the bird, being held captive in a cage by the Hunters Domain Wolfen, The Bird suggests to Kya to flick a switch, saying it will set them free. However it instead makes the cage holding them Flail around. This causes Atea to shout out "Never trust The Bird!".

Atea's bird

Atea's Bird in Kya Dark Lineage


  • Bird is House Broken.
  • According to Atea, it is never wise to trust the bird.
  • Bird may be based off of a Blackbird or a Blue Finch.
  • Bird is mentioned as "Stupid Bird", by the creators. (1)
  • Bird was originally colored red, and had a black beak, and feet. Source

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