Beyond Good & Evil
developer Ubisoft Montpellier
Ubisoft Milan (PC & Xbox ports)
publisher Ubisoft
designer Michel Ancel
engine| Jade engine
released Template:Vgrelease
genre Action-adventure
modes Single-player
ratings ESRB: Teen (13+)
OFLC: Parental Guidance
PEGI: 7+
PEGI: 6+
USK: 12+
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platforms Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube
media CD, DVD, GCN Game Disc

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Beyond Good & Evil is a video game for the GameCube, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, and Xbox platforms. It was designed by Michel Ancel (creator of Rayman), developed by Ubisoft in-house (with Ancel on the team) and released in late 2003. It focuses around the exploits of Jade, a female reporter and the game's protagonist. Tyrone Miller, a public relations manager for Ubisoft, said the title comes from a "need to investigate beyond the superficial facts of what is good and what is evil."


Beyond Good and Evil takes place on the futuristic planet of Hillys, where a mix of human, anthropomorphic animal, aliens, and robotic species co-exist. The planet is under siege by alien DomZ forces. The DomZ abduct beings on Hillys, and either drain their life force for their own, or implant them with spores that convert them into creatures that work for the DomZ. A militant force called "Alpha Section" emerges to defend the populace, but in reality, they are half-DomZ through the DomZ spores, and use their power to help with the abductions. An underground group of journalists, the IRIS Network, are aware of the connection between the DomZ and Alpha Section, and are working to expose the truth to the population of Hillys.


The game centers around Jade, who along with her 'uncle' Pey'j, have been looking after children of Hillys that have lost their parents to DomZ. When she runs out of money to run the shield to protect them from DomZ attacks, she takes up photography of rare species on Hillys, but soon finds the job is a cover for the IRIS Network. The group sends her on missions to spy on Alpha Section activities with her photography skills and stealth along with the help of Pey'j and an IRIS reporter, Double H. The team slowly learns of the connection between the DomZ and the Alpha Section, as well as Jade's mysterious past that makes her key to the defeat of the DomZ.

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