Kya bird receptacle stealer

The Bat Bird

This strange creature of flight appears in the Flying Forest, near where the Receptacle is originally found.


This creature is different hues of brown, it's body has a similar appearance to a bat, while it's face, and beak, are similar to a bird.


When Kya is just about to take Receptacle, the "Bat Bird" swoops in and grabs it off of an altar. It flies away towards the sky. Fortunately for Kya, the creature flew away towards floating slopes, that Kya can use the Magic Board to ride. Kya surfs on the perilous slope, chasing after the creature. Once Kya reaches the end, she walks around to find the Receptacle on the ground and attaches it to her belt, she then asks Stuff how it looks.


  • The Bat Bird can be seen on the title page, flying in the area where Kya finds the receptacle.
  • This mysterious creature is never seen again after stealing the receptacle, and disappearing.