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Aliases N/A
Gender Male
Species Nativ/Wolfen
Role Rival
Status Deceased
Origin Nativ City
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations The Nativs, The Wolfen, Brazul
Allies Kya, Atea, Bird, Akasa, Area, Stuff, Brazul
Enemies Kya, Frank, Brazul
Weapons (Most likely Martial Arts)
Abilities Unknown
English Voice Actor Matthew Géczy

Atea, I don't think teaching this stranger is a good idea!
— Aton

Aton is the strongest of the Nativs, after the Nativs start idolizing Kya, he slowly starts developing a certain jealousy.


Clothes: Aton has yellow bandages around his body, that mesh in with his fur.

Color:: Aton is a Nativ with yellow fur, he has long white hair that reaches down to his black and white striped tail.


Aton is a tough character, he is calm and supportive, but doesn't trust new people. He gets jealous of others, when they get the appreciation he finds that he deserves.


Alongside two other Nativs, Aton finds the unconscious Kya in The Roots and forced her to wake up by slapping her on the face due to sudden appearance of Wolfen patrols. While the two managed to escape, his Nativ companions were not so fortunate due to traps Wolfen prepare prior. After sneaking through a Wolfen encampment, the two knock out a Wolfen patrol who guards the entrance to Nativ City with a trap Aton devised sometime prior with the reluctant Kya as the bait before bringing the Wolfen into the village.

Entering the Nativ City with their unconscious captive, Aton introduces Kya to his kind's safe haven that they kept secret from Wolfens and unfortunately, not in the best condition with several unfinished shop due to majorities of its inhabitants were captured by the invaders on the outside. Leaving Kya to Atea, the village's elder, Aton brings the unconscious Wolfen patrol to Akasa's Dojo so he and the Dojo's owner could deal with him. It is then Kya and Atea show up during which the village elder had Akasa trained the former the art of combat with use of Fighting Bracelet so she can save her missing brother Frank. Aton protests such idea as he still distrustful towards the newcomer, and is further dismayed to see her soundly beaten the awakened Wolfen captive, a feat that earned her Awakening Power from Atea which allowed her to purify him back into his true, Nativ self.

Aton acts as Kya's guide until she meets Stuff, he leaves signs for her around Nativ City, so she can go to the Flying Forest and retrieve the Blue Egg.

After Kya retrieves the Receptacle, Atea and Area, go to the Hunters Domain. Atea is then captured by The Hunter, while Area ran away. When Kya gets back to Nativ City, in search for a Jamgut call, she bumps into Aton and Area arguing. Aton is furious that Area would leave an old man alone to fend for himself, Kya volunteers herself to help save Atea, but Aton believes she's done enough already. Kya won't take no for an answer, she is going to save Atea no matter what anyone says; much to Aton's dismay.

Aton assists Kya at first, but later decides to contact Brazul to make a deal. Aton will trick Kya into meeting Brazul if he gives his word not to harm the Nativs. Aton holds up his end of the bargain and guides Kya right to Brazul at the Amber Quarry. Brazul, however, betrays Aton by using him to locate Nativ City and ordering his Wolfen to attack. Aton disappears after this cut scene and the battle between Kya and Brazul that follows. His whereabouts are unknown until one of the last boss battles.

In the end of the game, Kya meets Aton again as a Wolfen. They fight and Kya knocks him out, but she cannot exorcise him. The room fills with lava shortly after, killing him.


  • Aton is Area's best friend.
  • Once Kya defeats Aton, a number appears above his head, suggesting that Kya could excorcise him. However, Kya is not able to excorcise him.
  • As a Wolfen, Aton has a special gun weapon that can turn Kya into a Wolfen.
  • Aton never trusts Kya, but the irony is that it was Aton that was not to be trusted.

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