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Aliases N/A
Gender Male
Species Nativ
Role Support Character
Status Alive
Origin Nativ City
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations The Nativs
Allies Bird, Kya, Frank, Aton, Atea, Akasa, Stuff
Enemies Brazul, Brazul's Bird, Aton, Wolfen / Wolfun
Weapons N/A
Abilities Boarding
English Voice Actor Andy Chase

Area: Don't you get sick of walking all the time?
Kya: Huh?
Area: Why don't you get a board or something? Less than 50 nooties in some shops.....You know... NOOTIES! Get some Nooties. Buy some stuff, maybe you can buy yourself a clue while you're at it!
Kya: I think I need a weapon first.
Area: OK, but if you decide later to buy a board, come find me, we'll race!

Area (Uh-ray-uh) is a supporting Nativ character, who enjoys riding slopes (With the use of Magic Boards), and also challenges Kya to a race when they first meet. Area takes a special interest in Kya's missions, and is always talking about them. From time to time, he helps Kya out, whether it is traveling with Atea, or helping save Nativ City from attack. Area is Aton's best friend, and eventually learns how to drive one of Brazul's airships.


Clothes:: Area has orange sun-glasses/goggles, a red chin band and orange bandages around his body. In the game, his bandages are a mixture of Pink, gray-blue and purple.

Color: Area is a golden brown, just like Atea and Aton. In the original artwork, he was gray.


Area first appears in the beginning of Kya Dark Lineage, when Kya finds the Second floor of Nativ City. He explains to Kya what Nooties and Magic Boards are, he suggests that maybe he and Kya could race on a slope sometime.

When Kya opens up her first Shell Elevator, Area notices and mentions that Brazul had sealed them up years ago. With Kya's newfound power, she can reopen all of the Elevators in no time.

Later in the game Area and Atea go to the Hunters Domain, while there, the two are ambushed by The Hunter and his Wolfen. Atea is taken away by the Hunter, and captured. Area had ran away back to Nativ City, after describing what had happened to Aton. Aton becomes outraged that Area couldn't save Atea from the Wolfen, and how he could leave an old man to fend for himself. Kya resolves their situation, and goes to rescue Atea.

Kya's next destination is the Quarry, and when she returns to Nativ City, she finds that it has been destroyed by Wolfen and the Nativs have been taken away on an Airship of Brazul's. When Kya reaches the Airship she finds the Nativs trapped behind a cell block and releases them. She asks Area if he knows how to fly the ship, and Area responds that he doesn't, but it's worth a shot. Area does figure out how to control the Airship and flies the Nativs and Kya back to Nativ City.


  • In the beginning of the game, Area requests that him and Kya have a race via magic boards. However, Kya is never able to actually race him through any means in the game.
  • Area is a minor character, until the story progresses and he becomes more important.
  • Artwork of Area only shows him with the original gray color scheme, however the final version of him, has him with the golden colors like the other Nativs such as Atea.
  • Area is titled as "Air Guardian", on Gilles Benois website.
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