Apou, is a minor character in Kya: Dark Lineage, he is the Nativ City Zoo keeper. If Kya captures animals for him, he will pay her a certain amount of Nooties, depending on the animal.


Clothes:Apou has a gold/brown cloth around the middle to lower half region of his body, as well as a yellow cloth bracelet around his left arm. In his character artwork, it shows flies around him, but in the game they are not present.

Color: Apou is a blue-gray Nativ, he has fur covering his eyes, as well as a mane going down his back.


Apou's only role in the game is to host the Nativ City Zoo, his personality is not shown.

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  • In earlier concepts, the Nativs were a Gray-Blue, Apou and Akasa are the only Nativs to keep their original Blue-Gray appearance, the rest of the Nativs became a golden-brown.
  • Originally, his name was "Arama". (1)
  • Despite his character artwork, there are no flies around him in the game.
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