Amortos are pillow like plants, with air inside. Kya can use them to cushion her fall when freefalling, afterwards they will pop, and grow back quickly.


Amortos have green leaves sprouting at the bottom, a shape of a giant tulip. They are mostly white, except at the top, where there is a red bulls eye target on the head of the plant.


  • Damage Free Fall- When falling from the Sky, Kya can land on an amortos to cushion her fall and not take any damage. The plant will explode when she does this, but quickly grow back.
  • Stall Enemies - Kya can also throw her boomy at an Amortos, this causes it to pop and it will blast nearby enemies with wind.



  • If Kya stands over a popped Amortos, it will not start growing back until she is away from it.