In Amada's Shop...everything is top!

We've every single gadget...You've always wanted to get!
— Nativ

Amata's Shop is a unique shop, in that it sells fruit with healing and strength inducing abilities, instead of items.


Amata's Shop is also unique because of it's location, which is in a dirt field, surrounded by a fence, the store itself is inside of a cliff.


There are three varieties of fruits sold at the shop:

The Life Fruit - It will restore all of Kya's Health.

The Strength Fruit - It increases the strength of all of Kya's attacks, for a short amount of time.

The Invincibility Fruit - It makes Kya temporarily invincible.


There is not only a shop owner (aka Amata) but a Nativ outside who sings a little ditty about the shop. It goes like this:

"In Amada's Shop...everything is top!

We've every single gadget...You've always wanted to get!"

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  • Amata's Shop is the only shop besides the store where Kya buys her first boomy, that doesn't require unlocking.
  • The Nativ outside of the store sings about the shop having every gadget you've ever wanted, but the irony is, they only sell fruit. Other shops by other Nativs, sell more items than Amata's shop.
  • Aside from shops that sell bombs, Amata's shop, is the only shop to have replenishable items. In other shops, once Kya buys an item, they no longer sell items to her.
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