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You'll have to face the Wolfen... can you fight those creatures on your own?
— Akasa

Aliases N/A
Gender Male
Species Nativ
Role Martial Artist Master
Status Alive
Origin Nativ City
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations The Nativs
Allies Bird, Kya, Frank, Aton, Area, Atea, Stuff
Enemies Brazul, Brazul's Bird, Aton, Wolfen / Wolfun
Weapons Fighting Bracelet (Presumably)
Abilities Martial Arts
English Voice Actor Unknown
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Akasa is a minor character in Kya: Dark Lineage, he is the combat instructor who runs the dojo in Nativ City. Akasa teaches Kya, various techniques on how to fight the Wolfen. Her abilities are enhanced with the help of the magic fighting bracelets, that she purchases from a Shop. Her first fighting bracelet, she obtains from him.


Clothes: He wears wrappings around his groin, his fore arms and on his feet (Most likely to mimic a type of shoe.) As well as some beads tied to his chin beard.

Color: Akasa is a Nativ with dark gray-purple fur and a black mane that flows into an equally black tail.


Akasa is very energetic towards martial arts, he cheers Kya on when she is doing well with new moves. If she fails a new move, he will encourage her to keep on trying. Akasa believes Kya can do more than just fight, and has high hopes for her.


In the beginning of Kya Dark Lineage, Aton places a defeated Wolfen in Akasa's dojo (Which is caged in). A few minutes later, Atea brings Kya to Akasa's dojo, this is so Kya can learn how to fight the Wolfen. After she learns a few moves, Akasa gives notice to Atea that he sees a great potential in her. While everyone is talking, the unconscious Wolfen wakes up, Kya has no choice but to fight it. After she defeats it, Atea realizes that Kya is worthy of the Awakening Power, this power will allow her to bring the Wolfen back to their Nativ form.


  • Every time Kya gets a new Fighting Bracelet, Stuff notifies Kya, to try out her new fighting bracelet at Akasa's dojo.
  • Akasa's only part in the story, is the very beginning.
  • Akasa is the only character to pronounce Atea's name differently, he pronounces it as (At-Tay-yah), while everyone else pronounces it like (Uh-Tay-Yah).
  • In earlier concepts, the Nativs were a Gray-Blue, Apou and Akasa are the only Nativs to keep their original Blue-Gray appearance, the rest of the Nativs became a golden-brown.

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